Scottsdale Homeowners Have a Range of Financial Options

It’s because the purchase of a home involves such a substantial sum that Scottsdale homeowners are often thought of as being financially constrained. With years’ worth of income bound up in a mortgage, it’s the dominant figure in many a financial statement. But there is also another way to look at it—and it’s the way […]

Do-it-Yourself Phoenix Stagers Should Aim for Simplicity

You might think that professional home stagers in Phoenix are intent on aiming for the kind of look that would draw oooohs and ahhhhhs if it were featured in Good Housekeeping or Better Homes and Gardens. In fact, you’d likely be more on-target if the magazine you thought of was actually RealSimple. In case you […]

A Place Where Home Asking Prices “Have No Shame”

I’ll admit it: the tease was irresistible. There was no good reason why I should take the time to read on, even though it was near the top of the Wall Street Journal’s Real Estate section. This was not likely to be the kind of relevant background information that would be useful in my daily […]

For Phoenix Homes for Sale, Some Feature Plusses May be Minuses

There are many generalizations that can be truly instructive for homeowners with Phoenix homes for sale. The undeniable importance of “location, location, location!” is a good one; de-clutter! as a main order of business is another…as is the wisdom of researching neighborhood comparables. Anybody with homes for sale in Phoenix can usually visit the National […]

Buy-a-Home vs. Rent-a-Home Choice has Great $ Impact

The answer to the question about whether any individual or family would be better off if they rent or buy a home can differ depending upon when the question is posed as well as the particulars of the available properties in either category. Even when the financial calculations make it clear that to buy a […]

Choosing a Phoenix Real Estate Agent with this ‘Must Have’ Quality

There is one overriding quality you must demand when you hire the Phoenix agent who will be your partner and representative. It’s a quality you and you alone are qualified to judge. And it should be the final determinant—the last factor you consider before you make your final agent choice. Now it’s true that in […]

Selling a House in Scottsdale Can Take a little ‘Plastic Surgery’

Suppose you finally came to an important decision—that this fall is going to be the right time for selling your Scottsdale house. If you had been biding your time, watching other Scottsdale houses being listed and closed throughout the summer, you may also have been getting a head start on some major maintenance or remodeling […]

Phoenix Real Estate Observers Greeted with Multiple Surges

If you are a Phoenix real estate observer, last week was the time of month when you typically look for the major data releases which detail how residential sales and prices performed in the previous month. Phoenix observers weren’t disappointed: last Tuesday, the key National Association of Realtors® report came in right on schedule, with […]